Education Program

The Adnyamathanha people have held continuous occupancy of this area of the Flinders Ranges for thousands of years!

‘Lines to time’ is the theme of our education program. Students are given the opportunity to hear stories and visit sites, which are central to the Adnyamathanha people’s spiritual beliefs around the creation and passing on of life lessons from one generation to another.

They will also learn about the contemporary lives of Adnyamathanha people, the flora and fauna, bush tucker, the importance of protecting the environment, and the significance of certain geographical features. As our guides are locals, students will be able to interact with the community.

Our programs are tailored to suit the age of the students and the length of their visit. For older students, taking part in community work programs such as the Working on Country Program (WOC), tree planting and other community infrastructure programs, can be arranged.


For younger students there is a focus on exploring, visiting sites, listening to stories, star gazing, flora and fauna spotting and campfire sing-a-longs. Age appropriate cross-cultural worksheets can be designed on request.


Tertiary, international students, and special interest groups can also be accommodated with tailored programs stories and singing around the campfire. And everyone loves the traditional kangaroo and damper night, where local elders cook up a feast and tell stories and sing around the campfire.

The Nepabunna Community is proud to share its unique history with the broader community and invites you to come along and sit down with them. And teachers or group leaders relax! Catering is available depending on what is required. We can work with you to set a menu and arrange ordering.