Indigenous Protected Area

In 1998, the Nipapanha (formerly known as Nepabunna) Community created Australia’s first Indigenous Protected Area on the old pastoral station of Nantawarrina. The property was then degraded through over-grazing and successive droughts. After taking over management and using traditional knowledge, we implemented a program to restore the land and biodiversity to good health. We are proud of the progress we have made to this goal.


A registration envelope acts as your permit and fees (payable in cash) are placed into the envelope and a safe deposit box provided at entry points.

Entrance fees are $30 per vehicle for one night’s camping.
Any additional days are $10.

At the Plaque Campground we have composting toilets,
BBQ plate, shelters, and available rainwater.

At Moro Gorge Campground we have a composting toilet,
BBQ plates, shelters, and available rainwater.

At Irish Well Campground, we have a flushing toilets,
shelter, and available rainwater.

There are two entrances to the IPA:

1. Off the main Gammon Ranges Road (Copley-Arkaroola), with the entrance, 12 kilometres east of Nipapanha, leading to the Plaque Campground.

2. Off the North Flinders Road (Blinman-Balcanoona) near Mulga View Station
which leads to the Irish Well Campground.

All guided tour packages are priced upon application.