Cultural Tour

Visitors across all age groups say that our tours have led them to have a deeper appreciation of how Aboriginal people once lived. They also believe they now have a better understanding of the continuous special connection to country that is pivotal to Aboriginal culture.

Visit a number of protected cultural sites within 15 kilometres of Nepabunna accompanied by a friendly and informative local Adnyamathanha guide.

Site 1. Malkawi

Culturally significant site – The paintings in this cave represent messages exchanged between Adnyamathanha people passing through the site from creation to present time.

Site 2. Ram Paddock Gate

Walking through this site, will help people to understand the poor living conditions endured by the local Adnyamathanha people, after being forced to leave Mount Searle Station, when a new pastoralist took over the pastoral lease.

Site 3. Mount Searle Station

From the top of Mount Searle there is an excellent view of the station homestead and outbuildings.

Site 4. Eagle and the Crow Dreaming Site

According to the ancient story tellers, this hidden cave is where birds got their colours. It is the cave where Wildu, the eagle, burnt the crows.

Site 5. Damper Hill

Here visitors will hear related the sad story of the old woman who lost her two children.

The tour takes about five hours from site to site by vehicle. We can tailor a tour around your interests – Dreamtime stories, painting sites, bush tucker, wildlife or scenery.


Half Day Tour
(minimum of 2 people)

Full Day Tour
(minimum of 2 people)

Campfire Evening

Enjoy a sing-a-long and a feast of Kangaroo cooked in the traditional way.
There are 50 serves per kangaroo. BBQ facilities are available
for cooking alternative meat if preferred. 48 hour notice is required.
Accommodation on site is available.

All tour packages are priced upon application.


Elder memorials, Ochre pits, Irish Well – old hut at Natawarrina, Art Warrapuna and Mudilipena Gorges and Springs, Vadhaleena Gorge, Waukna Woodna Gorge, Chambers Gorge , Weetootla Gorge, Italowie Gorge, Yadalachina Gorge and Spring, and Moro Gorge.